Joanna Buffalini, MS, MFT Intern
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Joanna Buffalini, MS, MFT Intern

Joanna Buffalini, MS, MFT Intern


Parenting can be challenging and it’s typical to feel frustrated with your child or adolescent. A parent’s needs often come last leaving them overwhelmed and feeling spread thin. Allow me to help you navigate parenting in this ever changing world. Perhaps you need new strategies to reach your adolescent or tools for successfully blending two families.


After 14 years of experience as a special education teacher in Clark County School District I easily build rapport with children and this connection provides me the opportunity to create positive change. I look forward to working with you and your family! I am empathetic, intuitive, and able to put others at ease. When necessary, I am direct and able to guide you and your child towards self-discovery and success. Together we will uncover effective strategies to ensure a smooth transition through this difficult stage of development.


I provide a safe place for children and adolescents to be vulnerable, feel accepted, and discover their authentic self. I am confident that I can lessen the stress that accompanies the hardest job there is, parenting.


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