Child and Family Therapy
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Child and Family Therapy

Children's Therapy at New Horizons Counseling Center

It’s been said that we live our first 5 years than we spend the rest of our lives getting over those first 5 years. As every family knows, each member of a family can be completely different and can often be a source of  ongoing stress, conflict, communication problems and worse. With varying personalities and perspectives, counseling should be something every family utilizes at least occasionally to increase the quality of life for each member of the family. The idea that only “broken” families seek counseling is not only unfortunate but also incorrect. Conversely, it’s been found that the healthiest people seek counseling due to both their commitment to each other and the discomfort in addressing often painful truths about themselves and their family.


There are many reasons and ways your family can benefit from sitting down with a neutral, compassionate, trained therapist. Many parents report that once their child reaches adolescence, it seems their sweet offspring has been switched out for someone else’s moody and enigmatic teenager. This same teenager is likely struggling to navigate a hostile world feeling very alone trying to figure out how to fit into their family, society, and the world at large.


It’s all too easy for busy families to neglect the most important relationships in their life taking for granted they will always be there when they need them. However, parents and sibling may find that after too much time has passed that this precious connection has died due to long standing animosities, poor communication, and neglect.  It’s also easy to pass of regular conflict and poor communication as a normal symptom of family life until it’s difficult to impossible to repair long term damage.  


Many families face the difficult consequences of substance abuse and addiction. Don’t give up hope! Seek out the right counselor for your family and find out how to best support each other while fighting addiction together. New Horizons specializes in addiction counseling along with family counseling in all other areas.


Blended families means taking two complex groups and trying to make them one cohesive, harmonious unit. Every role in a blended family can be challenging and painful. A step-parent is forced to find new boundaries with children they’ve never lived with previously. Children often feel they have to “pick a side” causing much confusion and conflict. But as with any other vital relationship, all of these relationships have the potential for the most happiness and peace life affords. There isn’t a better investment in life than in bettering these connections and raising the level of joy within the family alliance.


Another piece of good news is that in many cases, therapy can be used preventatively since many important life transitions that can be planned for and conflict resolved before it happens. Let New Horizons assist and support you and your family in building a long, happy life together.


Contact us and let’s see how we can work together to effect positive change in your life, or the life of someone you love.

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