Sharon Baysinger, CPC Student Intern
Sharon Baysinger, CPC Student Intern for New Horizons Counseling in Las Vegas, NV.
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Sharon Baysinger, CPC Student Intern

Sharon Baysinger, CPC Student Intern


I have over a decade of experience in wellness and nutrition coaching. After talking to hundreds of people regarding every type of health concern, I determined that mental health concerns certainly overlapped physical ones. This is what drove me to pursue a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.


One of the most important lessons life has taught me is that compassion towards oneself and others is an essential component in creating change. Combined with realistic expectations, I believe there is no limit to human growth and potential. Counselors are an underutilized resource and are often seen as only a last-ditch solution or reserved for those with crippling concerns. Yet, we all know how often we value a caring person willing to listen without judgment to the many difficulties we face every day as human beings.


Why not invest in yourself and your vision by talking to an unbiased third party? Do you want to better your relationships? Do you want to increase your confidence and be accountable to someone? Do you often feel hopeless and depressed? The reasons and ways to utilize a counselor are nearly endless. Don’t waste any more time wishing things were different, instead be proactive and reach out to me today. I will provide a kind and compassionate listening ear.


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